Invoice Generator

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Introducing our professionally designed Invoice Generator Notion template - the perfect tool for businesses and freelancers to create and send invoices quickly and easily. With just one click, you can create as many invoices as you need.

This template includes every section that a simple paper invoice would have, such as:

  • Invoice details
  • Company information
  • Billing information
  • Billed services database
  • Payment options
  • Google ratings card
  • Create new invoice button

Invoice Detail

The Invoice Details section keeps track of the number of bills, invoice date, and other important elements, including invoice number, invoice date, and due date.

Company Information

Add all the necessary details of your company, including address, phone number, website, and email address, in the Company Information section.

Billing Information

The Billing Information section is clearly labeled as Bill To, making it easy to input and manage client information. It includes fields such as client name, phone number, address, and email.

Billed Services

The Billed Services section is a special section induced with Notion formulas that automatically calculates the total and gross by providing the quantity, price, and tax on items. This means you no longer need to use a calculator to create invoices.

Payment Options

The Payment Options section includes a checkbox feature that allows clients to choose their preferred payment method. The template also includes a friendly reminder to pay dues within 10 days.

Google Ratings

Simply embed a Google rating link in the Google Ratings section so that your customers can easily rate your services.

Create New Invoices

Finally, with the Create New Invoices button, you can generate as many new invoices as you need.

Overall, this clean and modern template makes invoicing streamlined and professional for businesses and freelancers of all sizes.

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Invoice Generator

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